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                      Hello, welcome to "Wuxi Rongna Electric Co., LTD." website!

                      Wuxi Rongna Electric CO., LTD.

                      158 6166 8160

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                      Rongna Electric-Engaged in special capacitors, transformers development and productionThe first brand

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                      Service Hotline: 0510-88269160

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                      Wuxi Rongna Electric CO., LTD.

                      Wuxi Rongna Electric Co., LTD. is located in Taihu Lake Road friendship section, Wuxi City, the only one national economic and technological development zone - Wuxi Xishan Economic Development Zone. and the highway through the connection, location and convenient transportation.
                               The company mainly develops, manufactures and sells high voltage pulse capacitors, high voltage DC filter capacitors, AC resonant capacitors, coupling capacitors...

                      Contact us

                      Wuxi Rongna Electric Co., LTD.
                      Contact: Manager Chen
                      Mob: 158 6166 8160
                      Tel: 0510-88269160
                      Fax: 0510-88269160
                      Email: rndianqi@sohu.com
                      Website: www.ahwwzc.com
                      Add: Wuxi City, Xishan Economic Development Zone, Chunlei Road on the 12th

                      Common problem/ Q&A

                      Development Status of Chinese Capacitor Industry
                      Capacitors in the circuit to play a filter, coupling, DC blocking, energy storage role, widely used in a variety of household appliances, computers...
                      What are the selection and use of capacitors?
                      1. Generally in the low-frequency coupling or bypass, electrical characteristics of the lower requirements, the choice of paper, polyester capacitors...
                      Time - width Compression of Neutron Source Generated by Super Short Pulsed Laser
                      Since the neutron can act directly with the prokaryotic nucleus, it penetrates into the interior of the material and detects the nature...
                      The laser pulse generating ability initiates atomic and molecular transitions
                      By solving the six-dimensional equation that plagues many researchers before, physicists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln can accurately...


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